Smart City Melaka

Establish a safer and secure community, bring positive impact to the citizens, residents and tourists.

The Establishment of Melaka Smart City Advisory Council (SCAC)


The Melaka Smart City Advisory Council was established in November 2018 by the Chief Minister of Melaka through Melaka State Council Meeting to ensure sustainable development of a smart, green & clean state.

Policy Statement


Make the state of Melaka as modern, sustainable and environmentally-friendly through the use of technology and innovation for the well-being of Melaka's people and to achieve the goals of Melaka Smart City 2030.


Creating a smart, green and clean city through cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions for a stronger economic status and the well-being of the citizen of Melaka


Improve and integrate smarter technology across all government administrative offices, business sectors as well as the daily activities of the citizens. Incorporating smart city solutions into the planning, facilities and infrastructure development. To create a balanced system to increase energy efficiency, reduce carbon footprint and conservation of natural resources. To establish waste management and recycling policy, programs and campaigns to increase awareness of environmental damage and safeguard the state’s overall environmental health and cleanliness. Encourage investment in IT infrastructure and green tech towards a higher value economy and ecosystem. To introduce and develop a range of smart city programs that encourage active and healthy outdoor activities.

5 Core Strategies

Smart Mobility

The projects intend to achieve efficient mobility through the integration of green public transport with cutting edge A.I technology that is available everywhere.

Smart Environment & Energy 

Integrate smart waste and smart environmental management system. Introduce environmental campaigns to promote sustainability and establish Melaka as a green city.

Smart Living 

Embrace a smart, green and sustainable city lifestyle with enhanced internet and information access, foster smart community development through education and ICT practices.

Smart Governance 
Form a responsive, transparent and data-driven system. Easing access to services and work processes. Improve tech and innovation skills of the public servants and the development of environmental framework.
Smart Economy

Establish smart partnership between government and private sector to empower entrepreneurs in tech and innovation, leverage government assets for business and economic growth.

Why Smart Management System

Providing the backbone of a stronger Smart City and Smart Society.

Connect, Collaborate and Communicate
with locals, tourists, governments and businesses, establishing stronger IoT-powered Smart Cities.


The Smart City Initiative

The initiation of Melaka's smart city vision begins at Melaka City Centre, Jalan Bendahara where the collective can experience the benefits such as Smart Lighting, Smart CCTV, EV Charging, Outdoor parking monitoring, panic button, public WiFi and the Smart Melaka app. The combination produces a mixture of enhanced efficiency, cost reduction, reduce carbon footprint and better security for the city.

What Do We Offer?

Citizen Participation

Take an active part in municipal affairs through surveys & suggestions.

Foster Businesses

Promotion, events & activities are activated through geo-positioning.

Real-time Information

Providing the right real-time data of the services in the city.


Citizens can tap & make reservations online, hassle-free!

Data Intelligence

Track & analyse to make better decisions & improve the quality of urban life.


Panic Button

Communicate clear and fast security alert. 

Outdoor Parking Monitoring 

Locate the nearest parking spot with real-time map update.

Public Wi-Fi

Access free Wi-Fi hotspots.

EV Charging Infrastructure

Find the nearest EV charging dock with real-time map.

Smart Communication

Send segmented push notifications and engage with community. 

Smart Retail

Tap and book your desired tourist attractions. 

Payment Fulfillment

Fast and secure payment reconciliation for businesses.

Smart App 
Explore popular activities and updates around the city. 

For Whom?

Tourists & Locals

Facilitate access to real-time city's services & information, let tourists become insiders & locals stay informed.

Shops & Businesses

Identify potential commerce opportunities for local businesses & major corporations to enhance economic growth.

Governments & Municipalities

Close the gap between locals & tourists. Stimulate collaboration & engagement for a more connected & cost-effective ecosystem.

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